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“4.5 stars… simply remarkable… a breathtaking achievement”

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“A Sydney ghostbusting business becomes a metaphor for unearthing the spectres of his past”

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“4.5 stars…The most moving and unexpected journey”
– Margaret Pomeranz

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“The real-life ghost story that unearths demons in some very dark places”

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“If you enjoyed documentaries like ‘Catfish’, or podcasts like ‘Trace’ or ‘S Town’, then ‘Ghosthunter’ is right up your proverbial dark alley. “

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“One of the best films of the year” – Movies, Movies, Movies

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“Undeniably heartbreaking but intriguing”

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“A full, confronting, expansive picture of the effects of the turbulent journeys of the victims”

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“There are ghosts, here, but they’re the dark phantoms of human behaviour”

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“It was a journey to uncover what happened in this man’s childhood…and to try to get to the bottom of why people are the way they are”

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“Piece by piece the filmmaker and Jason construct a narrative of trauma which ripples throughout the consciousness”

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“What begins like a somewhat tongue-in-cheek look at, even exposure, of the ghosthunter at work with his hand-picked team, soon becomes far more intriguing”

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“A challenging documentary, worth its own weight in grime”

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Ghosthunter The State of the Arts

Ghosthunter is the must-see documentary at the Sydney Film Festival

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Documentary Australia Foundation Award for Australian Documentary

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Ben Lawrence builds on Ghosthunter with ‘Hearts and Bones’

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