Ghosthunter is the story of a western Sydney security guard and part-time ghost hunter who has spent two decades searching for his absent father. As a survivor of trauma, he seeks to reconcile his fractured memories and piece together his past. When his search converges with a police investigation, a family secret is exposed — forcing him to confront a brutal past in order to reclaim his future.

Awards and Festivals

“An incredibly powerful, riveting, unpredictable and haunting documentary on one man’s exploration into the mysterious events of his childhood and how those traumatic experiences shaped him today as a man. This is an absolute must see - 5/5”

Audience member at Melbourne International Film Festival

“Ghosthunter reminded me why a great documentary can beat any other genre: nobody is more interesting than real people.”

Audience member at Melbourne International Film Festival

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The Facts

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Childhood trauma affects 5 million (1 in 4) Australian adults
24 billion icon
The annual budgetary cost of unresolved trauma could be as high as $24 billion/annum
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Survivors of childhood sexual abuse often do not disclose their abuse until adulthood
Lifetime impacts icon
Childhood trauma often has an impact for life unless people find the right support
Addiction depression icon
Survivors often experience issues with low self-esteem, isolation and relationships. Longer-term consequences include homelessness, suicide, mental health issues, crime, drug and alcohol addiction
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There is an urgent need for trauma-informed training across health, welfare, justice, housing, employment and education sectors
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