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The Partners

Ghosthunter has been made with the generous support and financing of GOOD PITCH Australia, Shark Island Institute, Documentary Australia Foundation, Screen Australia, SBS, Exit Films, Soundfirm, Huge Films and Fulcrum Media Finance.

With thanks to our Good Pitch partners

The Caledonia Foundation

Ian & Min Darling

Will & Jane Vicars

The Paradice Family Foundation

Wilson Foundation

Jibb Foundation

Thyne Reid Foundation

Hantomeli Foundation

Burrabaroo Foundation

The Snow Foundation

Ann Lovell

Kofi Foundation

Rainbow Fish Foundation

Sally White OAM

Robyn & Sally Garis

River Capital Foundation

Jane Vadiveloo

Sam & Sally McKay

Sue Jacobs

Penelope & Ian Ward-Ambler

Mim & Michael Bartlett

Kate Hayward

Phillip Cornwell

Seri Renkin & Danny Bessell

Matthew Sleeth

Ben McNeill

Richard Todd

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